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Do I Actually Have a Crush On You Or Do I Just Like That You’re Nice to Me and Cute: a novel by me

the struggle

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Today in England

It’s too damn hot

That was Today in England

I dunno dude if you ask me we look pretty similar


Baleful Strix - Nils Hamm

Also it reminds me just how great the original spiderman trilogy was

even 3 was alright

Film Crit Hulk’s takedown of Amazing Spiderman 2 is utterly vicious and I love it

Admittedly I woke up at about half 10 but I lay in bed for the next 2 hours drifting. It’s too damn hot to do anything.



hey mandatoryupgrades find the acapella for Oblivion by grimes and mash it up with some instrumental blackgaze thehappymask might have some cuts that would fit this isn’t a funny mashup idea i just think grimes should be in a blackgaze band

Josh I think you’re waking up soon so I wanted to repeat this call

You have way more faith in me than you should when it comes to getting up early.

I'll look into it


next week on the surreal housewives of beverly hills: the screaming continues and the flaming pyramid in the kitchen is getting bigger


Do Americans seriously not have Malteasers

Seriously this is important

Do Americans seriously not have Malteasers